Buy the 928-H4-Cap Sealing Cap for Porsche 928 8″ H4 Headlight and Related Items

What is the 928-H4-Cap? See 928-H4-Cap Porsche 928 8″ H4 Headlight LED H4 Bulb Sealing Cap: A Solution to Sealing the H4 Bulb after Upgrading from Halogen H4 Bulb to LED H4 Bulb.

If you have a Porsche 928 with 8″ H4 headlights and two of these...
Photo of H4 LED bulb and driver module

An H4 LED bulb and driver — sold under different brands with only minor cosmetic variations — with the following key characteristics:

  • barrel of the bulb at the heatsink-side of the three-tab flange measures 22.0 mm ± 0.2 mm in diameter and extends approximately 15 mm from the flange and slightly chamfered for about 4 mm before the threaded, narrower part of the barrel
  • LED driver module can be disconnected from the bulb (electrical connector unscrews and disconnects)
  • removable heatsink can be unscrewed and will pass over the LED driver module connector
  • LED driver module has M3 × 0.5 mm screws fastening the bottom cover, spaced at 56.0 mm ± 0.1 mm along the long edge

We do not sell this or any other H4 LED bulb; you must obtain them elsewhere.

... and want a cap and driver module attachment solution that looks like this:
Photo of 928-H4-Cap-22 with LED driver module attached Photo of installed 928-H4-Cap-22
... then you will need this:
Photo of 928-H4-Cap-22-Kit-A
928-H4-Cap-22 Kit A (pair of 928-H4-Cap-22 caps, with brackets and hardware), $65.00 USD
928-H4-Cap-22 Kit A Installation Guide [as separate pages | as a side-fold booklet]

The cap kit includes:

  • 2 ea. 928-H4-Cap-22 cap designed for H4 LED bulbs with 22 mm barrel, assembled with seals and vent;
  • 4 ea. 80°-angle aluminum bracket;
  • 8 ea. M3 × 0.5 mm, 12 mm long, button-head, zinc-plated steel screw;
  • 8 ea. M3 × 0.5 mm hex, zinc-plated steel nut;
  • 4 ea. M3 × 0.5 mm, 8 mm long, button-head, zinc-plated steel screw; and
  • 1 ea. 2 mm hex L-key.

The H4 LED bulbs are not included!

Current batch has sold out. On-line ordering will be re-enabled once more units are available (expected July 2019).

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